About V-Twins

Vanie and Tanie are twins who have approached art activities very soon. They are powerful girls, not afraid to be confronted with any challenges. Devotion to work, good self-control, persistence are some of their noticeable characteristics. Their talents include acting, makeup, drawing, editing video, playing instruments (Vanie prefers electric organ while Tanie opts for electric guitar). They have supported and coordinated well with each other.

They both had experience as freelance models and collaborated with famous brands in Vietnam such as Lazada, Yomost, Levents. They gained remarkable accomplishments during their operation, Vanie was given the opportunity to take part in MV “Anh Em Ta La Cai Gi Nao” and Tanie was a backup dancer for “Anh trai yeu quai” OST official MV of singer Issac. Recently, they have developed their career as a streamer, particularly PS5 games. They were loved by the audience due to their charming way of talking, their sense of humour as well as their enthusiasm in interacting with viewers.

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