A series of creative tiger packaging on the occasion of the Tiger New Year 2022

The Lunar New Year is one of the most important and anticipated holidays for some Asian countries. Welcoming the Year of the Tiger - the year associated with the image of a tiger symbolizing strength and success, many brands did not miss the opportunity to launch new packaging.

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1. Carlsberg

Beer brand Carlsberg has teamed up with artist Victo Ngai to launch a new bottle. Using green and red as the main colors, along with the image of a ribbon twisted into the shape of a tiger, Carlsberg creates a brighter, more eye-catching look for the traditional green beer bottle. Thereby, the brand wants to convey the message: spring has come, promising to bring great things for the new year.

The artist who designed the new shirt for Carlsberg beer - Victo Ngai was honored by Forbes in the list of 30 Under Art and Style for his dedication to design and creativity. She has also collaborated with famous brands such as Apple, Johnnie Walker, American Express, Lufthansa Airline and General Electric.

2. Beats

Previously, the Beats headphone brand created Studio Buds with basic colors such as white, black and red. This time, the brand launched a limited edition with the charging case and headphones in the main red color, dotted with metallic gold stripes. With this design, Beats hopes to bring a memorable product to celebrate the approaching brilliant Year of the Tiger.

The Studio Buds celebrating the Lunar New Year retails in China for 1,099 yuan (about 4 million VND). This is the same price as the regular Studio Buds version.

3. Apple

On the occasion of the Lunar New Year, Apple launched a special edition AirPods Pro headset with a stylized tiger logo and surrounding fireworks details. This adorable logo will be engraved on the MagSafe charging case and product packaging. Last year, the brand also impressed with the AirPods Pro version to celebrate the New Year of the Ox with the buffalo symbol.

The product is currently available at Apple stores and websites in some Asian markets, selling for the same $249 as the regular AirPods Pro version. In addition, customers will receive 12 exclusive red envelopes with 12 zodiac symbols when purchasing this special version of the headset.

4. Johnnie Walker

Blue Label is Johnnie Walker's most premium product line, and one of the highest value Whiskeys in the world. On the occasion of the Lunar New Year, the brand collaborated with artist Shan Jiang to design a limited edition for this special bottle.

Keeping the noble green color of Blue Label intact, Shan Jiang creates a highlight for the bottle with the image of a tiger with golden wings. Johnnie Walker's tiger rises above the clouds to move towards the modern city, symbolizing prosperity and progress. Thereby, the brand wants to send hope for a year full of luck to everyone.

5. Scallywag

Wine is an indispensable gift in every Lunar New Year season, so not only Johnnie Walker but Scallywag also joined the race to launch the limited edition. This Lunar New Year celebration product is produced exclusively for certain markets in Asia with a quantity of 3188 bottles. The highlight on the bottle's packaging is the familiar Fox Terrier symbol "dressed up" as a tiger along with the words "2022 Year of the Tiger" to mark the birth of this version.

6. Hennessy

Hennessy version X.O x Zhang Enli

Hennessy Paradis x Zhang Enli version
Hennessy Edition V.S.O.P Privilège x Zhang Enli & Hennessy Edition X.O x Zhang Enli

Following the packaging race to welcome the Lunar New Year, Hennessy brand collaborated with artist Zhang Enli to launch a limited edition of 3 product lines Hennessy Paradis, Hennessy V.S.O.P Privilège and Hennessy X.O. Unlike the majesty and strength that the above brands focus on conveying, Hennessy chose to portray the image of a tiger on the Charente river in Cognac to honor the poetry, optimism and vitality of the Lunar New Year.

Besides, painter Enli shared about his color scheme: “Gold and golden metal represent a certain level of sophistication. These two colors are mixed together to produce amber, which is used to depict the tiger in the painting. At that time, Hennessy's tiger image becomes more transparent and delicate, like the beauty of a jade."

7. Victorinox

The Lunar New Year brings inspiration for the packaging of many brands from all business sectors, including Victorinox - a luxury knife brand from Switzerland. The multi-purpose knife that is popular around the world now has a new look, with a fierce tiger image printed on the body of the knife in eye-catching metallic gold. According to the brand, with this special design, the product promises to be the ideal gift for those born in the year of the Tiger, reflecting their innate strength, resilience and determination.