Refacing your self-expression! Reface has created an amazing AI experience, allowing users to become whoever they want with just a selfie.

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Reface’s new AI Avatar tool transforms Mr Bean into different characters.

Revamp your look! Reface's AI Avatar tool allows you to experiment and explore a new style – simply select an image of yourself, decide on the aesthetic you prefer and voila - instantly get transformed into that unique version of you.

Reface’s new AI Avatar tool transforms actor Johnny Depp into different characters.

Unleash your inner superhero and get creative with the new tool that lets you generate a dozen custom art styles! Transform yourself into an anime character, pirate captain or any other amazing persona of your choice – all it takes is just a few clicks.

In photos published on Reface’s blog, the iconic television character Mr. Bean is transformed into Batman, Spiderman, and a Game of Thrones character using the AI Avatar tool.

Meanwhile, the Reface app has also turned actor Johnny Depp into the Hulk and superhero, Captain America, with the help of AI Avatar.

Artificially intelligent (AI) image generators have seen a surge in popularity in recent months with AI photo editing apps dominating the app store charts earlier this month.

Unlock the AI Avatar tool in Reface App to turn your photos into captivating scenes with virtual avatars!

Creativity comes alive with a range of style packs from "CyberPunk" to "Black Panther," giving users the opportunity to find their perfect look and unleash true artistry.

In order to provide the best user experience, this app requires you not only take ten creative portrait photos but also upload them from different perspectives. Don't worry though - after 48 hours, your images will be securely deleted!

With just one purchase, get a creative burst of 48 unique artworks within an hour! Explore various styles and designs at the bargain price of $5.99 per pack.

In 2020, Reface quickly rose to the top of app store charts after its revolutionary launch as a face-swap phenomenon. With just their mobile device, users were suddenly able to easily and seamlessly merge two faces together for hilarious results!

With just one selfie, it's now possible for users to transform their face into a video, GIF or meme - revolutionizing the way we experience entertainment!

Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber and Elon Musk have added to the latest craze - face-swapping with AI avatars. The app Reface has exploded on social media as celebrities explore their alternate identities!

‘We enhanced a generative AI model based on the open-source image synthesizer and boosted it with our face swap technology, which refines the tool’s accuracy,” Reface writes.

“Due to Reface’s vast experience working with AI representations of human faces, AI Avatar can perfectly transfer unique facial features and provide clearer hyperrealistic pictures.”

Reface, a pioneering face-swap app is revolutionizing selfies with their revolutionary AI tool! Transform your selfie into any character imaginable