Cointreau is making a splash with its new agency TBWA\Paris and an innovative campaign that brings forth the liqueur's capability to balance, elevate, and transform. Bartenders have long been aware of Cointreau's extraordinary flavor - now it has become part of their latest slogan: "Change Everything". From cocktails to conversations, this familiar favorite will surely be stirring up something interesting!

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Cointreau is celebrating the biggest overhaul of its iconic bottle in 140 years with a magical new brand film! Directed by Brian Beletic and starring French dancer Kevin Bago as an enigmatic orange-clad Cointreau man, this enchanting scenario follows our hero's mysterious journey through time. As he slips gracefully between frozen guests, he makes his way to the host just in time - replacing an empty bottle of Cointreau so that they can enjoy their evening even more than before it started!

The film is complemented by a captivating campaign that utilizes anamorphosis, applying the art of painting elements to create a square from one perspective.

Cointreau's new logo, a vibrant orange square, captures the dynamic nature of their signature liqueur. It embodies how Cointreau not only enhances cocktails but also adds sparkle to moments and elevates moods.

In December 2022, the 'COINTREAU CHANGES EVERYTHING' campaign took France by storm. Spearheaded by ad agency TBWA\Paris for Cointreau, a leader in alcoholic drinks industry, this integrated medium ignited attention with its solitary media asset.