AI technology can create advertising posters by itself in the time of a round of criticism

In the last few years, artificial intelligence (AI) has become a popular concept in many industries. Engineers apply AI to create chatbots that help businesses respond to customers' messages quickly, AI helps design eye-catching and convenient website interfaces, ... Not only that, this technology but can assist designers to create artwork and magazine covers. Previously, The Economist also applied MidJourney and created the cover for the June 2 issue.

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The cover of The Economist June issue, 2022

Recently, London-based agency 10 DAYS demonstrated AI's ability to create unique artworks when applying MidJourney to its poster design. MidJourney is a modern AI-powered art creation tool. When the user enters a keyword, the AI ​​technology will search for the image associated with the keyword. Continuing, the AI ​​will arrange the data so that it makes the most sense to create a complete work. Although the beta version has just appeared, MidJourney has received comments from the Designer community around the world. Many designers have rated works from MidJourney to achieve the same level of precision composition as experienced painters with many years of experience.

Accordingly, agency 10 DAYS used keywords such as "science fiction", "noir" (Hollywood range of movies), "cinema", ... and requested to apply poster design for 10 Famous brands: KFC, Gucci, Ray-Ban, Colgate,...

Midjourney design poster for Colgate

Instead of taking months to perfect a design, MidJourney technology takes just minutes to create 24 unique designs for each brand. In particular, each work has a different artistic style and color. Jolyon White, Co-Founder and Creative Director of 10 Days Description: “What AI can achieve if we know how to use the right keywords is amazing. Now that we can create 24 compositions during our Art Director's time, I enjoy a round of critique. "

Uber poster created by Midjourney

This is a try to test to certificate the future of the design device will be easy more than more when the application works. Designers can install AI and ask it to come up with ideas and layouts. They will then have more time to edit and launch the final product.


Credits the other poster made by MidJourney under the guidance of 10 DAYS: