Burger King puzzle poster: This must be meat?

By Admin

In the past 3 months, Burger King has launched a campaign called “ Meat? Is it really meat ?” With posters that trick our eyes into thinking they are close-ups shots of greasy burger patties made from plants.

At first glance this seems like just another poster promoting what's on offer at your local fast food joint but upon closer inspection you'll see there is much more going down inside these juicy

Instead of focusing on the burgers themselves, Burger King wants to use these posters to help people get rid of the idea that plant-based food is less delicious. Hamburgers also have a plant-based effect that will taste similar to traditional hamburgers. On the poster, outside the main notice advertising the product - "Plant base Whopper", Burger King has the words "Sorry for the confusion, meat lovers" (Sorry for the confusion with meat lovers). ) to show his humor.

André Toledo, Creative Director at David Madrid - the agency that implemented the campaign, said: "Many customers can't tell the difference between a traditional hamburger and a plant-based hamburger. So we tested a set of food photographers and a stylist who shot some vegetables, so we looked like meat. The idea was to create ads so people would ask themselves, “Wait, is this meat or is this a plant? "

Iwo Zakowski, Head of Global Brand Marketing at Burger King, added: “We wanted to deliver a strong message that makes people rethink, not everything in life is what it is. they see. At Burger King, there's always something delicious on the menu for everyone.”

Campaign Meat? is taking place in Brazil, Costa Rica, Germany and Mexico.