Coca-Cola and a series of competitors' partners, Pepsi won big at Cannes Lions 2022.

Pepsi and Coca-Cola have long been considered "rivals." In the advertising market, the two brands also constantly create interesting confrontations and humorous jokes. At Cannes Lions International 2022, Pepsi won all 4 awards (2 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze) for the Better With Pepsi campaign (roughly translated: Better with Pepsi) when cleverly kicking traditional rivals life of Coca-Cola and a series of competitors' partners.

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According to the brand's research that 60% of consumers would rather enjoy Burger with Pepsi than with Coca-Cola, Pepsi launched the Better With Pepsi campaign to prove that interesting fact. The campaign kicked off with a set of print ads launched on #NationalBurgerDay May 27, 2022.

Print ads used wrappers from three major fast-food companies in the US, Burger King, McDonald's and Wendy's, and circled the natural appearance of the Pepsi logo. To be able to skillfully capture such a logo image, Pepsi collaborated with an origami artist. She cleverly folded the wrapping paper of three food companies to create the characteristic curves in the brand logo.

Burger King


In fact, all three food companies Burger King, McDonald's and Wendy's have been using Coca-Cola drinks for more than 30 years. Print ads have asserted that Pepsi has "better" with Burger and "although we are not on the menu, we are always in the picture" - caption posted by Pepsi with the set of photos. In this way, Pepsi has "coffeeed" the three major Coca-Cola partners that they are refusing to allow customers to enjoy their delicious Burgers in a more efficient way (with a cold can of Pepsi) just because of the exclusive agreement between them and Coca-Cola.As a sugar company, Pepsi also wants to tell its customers: Let's celebrate #NationalBurgerDay in a more proper way.

Pepsi's profound "swirling rock" display did not stop there.The brand continued to implement OOH activities with billboards printed with print ads placed next to the head office and major stores of the three brands. ​Burger King, McDonald's and Wendy's across the US, Pepsi also encourages users to try buying their favorite Burgers with a can of Pepsi, then upload pictures of enjoying that meal on social networks and attach hashtag #BetterWithPepsi.

“Overview” of Better With Pepsi

The campaign immediately went viral on social media platforms and received positive responses from major newspapers and American consumers. Adweek wrote: "Best Pepsi work in years - arguably ever". The BBuzz also fondly called Better with Pepsi an "ad masterpiece". 

Better With Pepsi has also "started" an interesting trend online.Besides capturing the moment of enjoying the Burger combo with Pepsi, social media users also posted photos of the appearance impromptu display of the Pepsi logo in everyday moments, just as Pepsi did in its print ads.

Pepsi logo appears in… Google logo

Pepsi's campaign collected impressive numbers after it ended: 3.6 billion impressions on online platforms; more than 1.1 billion campaign shares; The level of consideration to buy Pepsi products increased by 29% in 2021. The "boldest" victory of this unique advertising campaign is 4 awards at the Cannes Lions International Innovation Festival 2022, including: 2 Gold prizes in the Print & Publishing/Food & Drink category and the Outdoor/Food & Drink category; 1 Silver award in the Industry Craft/Outdoor category; 1 Bronze award in the Outdoor/Food & Drink category.