Mentaikat” is the newly launched mascot of Domino’s Pizza Singapore, inspired by Japanese culture.‍

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Recently, in a campaign to promote a brand-new menu inspired by Japan (including new dishes such as: Ebi Mentaiko Pizza, Tori Mentaiko Pizza, Hokkaido Cream Cheese Fold), Domino's Pizza has launched “Mentaikat”, the mascot has the shape of half a cat, half a cod.

"Mentaicat" in the form of half cat, half cod. Photo: Marketing Interactive

According to Domino's Pizza, Mentaikat has a tail inspired by cod fish (representing cod roe in mentaiko mayonaise sauce) and the upper half bears the image of maneki neko - the cat Chieu Tai, a symbol of good luck, famous in Japanese culture.

With this campaign, Mentaikat will feature in a series of animated short films that are broadcast on the brand's social pages with humorous stories.

A life-sized standee of Mentaikat will also be on display at Domino's Kebun Baru, Singapore for those who want to take a photo with the mascot.

This isn't the first time Domino's Pizza has experimented with incorporating flavors from around the world into its pizza, and it's not the first time a brand's mascot has been introduced. The first mascot of this pizza brand was “The Noid” born in the 1980s.

In this campaign, Domino's Pizza also collaborates with content creators in Singapore to promote new products on social media channels such as TikTok, Instagram and Facebook...

Mascot mentacat

Mentaicat and Domino's Pizza's new Japanese-flavored pizzas. Photo: adobo magazine

Kym Lee, Marketing Manager of Domino's Pizza Singapore said the team is delighted to launch Ebi Mentaiko Pizza and Tori Mentaiko Pizza. They found that most Singaporeans are very fond of Japanese food and culture.

To add to the fun, she added, Domino's Pizza used a pun on the word "taiko" (a common Singaporean slang word for "lucky"), hoping to excite fans interested in the brand's activities and the birth of Mentaikat - a lovely member who has just joined the great Domino family.