Emmy 2022: Apple competes with campaigns condemning gun violence

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The Emmy organizers officially announced the nomination list on July 12. In which, the Outstanding Commercial Award honors the best advertisements. Apple, Meta, BBDO NY and Chevy all made the list and competed for the position of Best Advertisement 2022.

If the Oscars of the TV series, honor the outstanding works, actors, and production teams in the television industry around the world. The Emmy also has a category dedicated to the advertising world, called Outstanding Commercial Award, which celebrates impressive short films. Emmy recently announced the entire list of nominees for 2022 in preparation for the awards ceremony that will take place in September. Apple has received 2 nominations.

Apple: Detectives (Apple iPhone 13 Pro)

Apple's iPhone 13 Pro product has launched a trio of short films that emphasize the ability to "shoot beautiful and smooth like cinema". In particular, "Detectives" is the opening product (followed by "The Basement and "Pavel") that was shortlisted for Emmy 2022.

“Detectives” was the opening production (followed by “The Basement and “Pavel”) that was shortlisted for Emmy 2022.

"Detectives" has received a positive response from the audience and insiders alike, with a 1-minute content, narrating the scene of two detectives sitting in the cabin, looking tense but discussing about… focusing function of different types of lenses. Accompanied by a suspenseful background music, the scene is tense, the acting is serious, with the theme line "Am I out of focus?".

David Griner, Writer analyzing advertising campaigns on AdWeek site.

“Scenes in Detectives still require the support of professional filming equipment, but Apple makes it as if the iPhone 13 Pro can do all this footage. Therefore, the slogan "Hollywood is in your pocket" sounds very funny. A serious montage but talking about a bullshit issue is also an "old" but "good" way of making jokes.

Apple: Everyone but Jon Hamm

Apple partnered with Media Arts Lab to release the short film "Everyone but Jon Hamm", introducing the Apple TV+ streaming service, which proved itself to be a good candidate with the second product to be nominated. The short film tells the story of actor Jon Hamm - a veteran actor who plays Don Drapper in the classic series Mad Men. In the video, Jon Hamm sits at home and browses movies and TV shows on Apple TV+. He could see Tom Holland, Chris Evans, Billie Eilish, even the cartoon character Snoopy. But absolutely no Jon Hamm.

Jon Hamm can see a variety of actors on Apple TV+ except... Jon Hamm.

“Does this company have a problem with me? I'm really asking," Jon Hamm says in the video, creating a humorous plot twist for the audience. This also highlights the diverse portfolio of films from famous names.

Save Ralph - Short film condemning the situation of 100 million animals dying in the laboratory

To test chemicals, drugs and cosmetics,…every year more than 100 million animals — including mice, frogs, dogs, cats, rabbits, monkeys, fish, and birds — are killed. According to Peta, these creatures have suffered from inhaling toxic fumes, being confined to enclosed spaces, burning their skin, conjuring spinal cords or even drilling holes into their skulls. To draw attention to this issue, the Cannes Lions promotional event awarded the animal rights short film Save Ralph

In the film, the bunny Ralph sits in front of the camera and acts as a character in the documentary. Rabbit Ralph, in a state of one eye missing, deaf in one ear, reported his daily work in the laboratory. Starting with a shackle on the neck, chemical needles and ending with a broken part of the body. “My father, my mother, my relatives and my children all later did this work. They lived as test subjects and died while on duty. But that's okay, we live to serve people," Ralph Rabbit said in the short film.

Experimental animals suffered a lot of pain such as inhalation of toxic fumes, confinement in enclosed spaces, burns to the skin, contusion of the spinal cord or even drilling holes into the skull.

Humans have become very intelligent and superior and the laboratory animals are so submissive that it makes the story of "torture" of animals very ordinary. “We were born to be test subjects. I just want to say that, if it weren't for the lipstick users who have been tested on animals, we rabbits would have no work to do and just live like other rabbits in the field," said Rabbit Ralph. The film made the audience and people in the advertising world at the Cannes Lions night shiver and move.

"Perhaps we rabbits were born to be test subjects," said Rabbit Ralph.

Save Ralph​ belongs to the genre of still-life animation (Stop Motion: The characters are built according to each movement, then photographed and assembled into a movie). The film is produced by the international humanitarian organization Humane Society International and attracts the participation of world-famous stars such as Taika Waititi (Actor nominated for an Oscar for the short film Two Cars, One Night), Ricky Gervais (A veteran comedian who has won seven British Academy Film Awards), Zac Efron (High School Rising Actor), Denis Villeneuve (Winner of 4 Canadian Screen Awards for Best Director) ,...

Since this is a global issue, the film has been dubbed into 5 languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Vietnamese. Also at Cannes Lions 2022, the 3-minute short film Save Ralph was honored to win the Grand Prix for Good - Category honoring humanitarian advertising campaigns. “We are truly delighted that Save Ralph received this award. The recognition at a major award shows that we are not alone, there are still many people who are condemning the practice of testing cosmetics on animals,” said Donna Gadomski, Senior Director of HSI and also a House of Representatives. Producer Save Ralph said after accepting the award.