Facetune allows users to recreate selfies in any style using AI technology

'YOUniverse' – allows users to take selfies in any style they can think of is a new artificial intelligence (AI) tool

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'YOUniverse' feature

Facetune offers users the ability to change their photo from a short and simple input into something more complex. This is one of many new AI technologies that are emerging, leading for example DALL-E company which specializes in facial recognition technology or Google's Imagen app where you can edit your own portrait with different effects like HDR painting/stamp workshop etc., Midjourney does exactly this but also allows adjusting color tones depending on what mood someone wants to create - all within

Facetune's 'YOUniverse' has been included in the app, making it possible for you to use their powerful tool to help you see what different versions look like. Lightricks says the product is unique on the market offering a multitude of environments and styles for users who want a more customized experience with their own style preferences.

Like in the video below, first of all you need to download some pictures for reference. After that it’s just a matter of inputting your voice with text like "I follow Van Gogh's style" or even more specifically “I am Mad Hatter from Alice In Wonderland". You can tell them anything--even how many hats are on my head!

Facetune's vice president, Alon David, told PetaPixel how YOUniverse works.

“Lightricks 'YOUniverse creates an art model based on a user's photo and then allows them to use simple prompts in the text-to-image feature to create an image created by the user," says David. AI generated in different scenes and styles. YOUniverse is built on Stable Diffusion and has an open source model. Facetune has integrated its text-to-image software with Lightricks' existing computational models and editing applications."

“There is a lot of excitement around AI image generation, which is still in the early stages of being accessible to the public,” explains David. We've been encouraged by the discovery and feedback we've seen from our employees – and the users who have accessed the tools and tried them out.”

With the arrival of a new era, David expects that there will be many changes in image editing and video production.

“We will integrate more capabilities as AI evolves into new and even more exciting applications.”

Future and Potential Risks

To ensure YOUniverse's capabilities are not abused, Facetune said it has put in place safeguards and will evaluate prompts for cultural sensitivities.

“While we believe it is best to minimize what can hinder the creative process, protecting our users is very important to us. We monitor reminders of certain cultural sensitivities in addition to the safeguards implemented by Stable Spill.” says David

Image creation using AI shows no signs of slowing down as more and more applications exploit this technology.

David adds: “We believe AI will incentivize new tools and capabilities in photo and video creation – supercharged platforms that have pushed the envelope in photo and video storytelling.”


AI is making it easier for future generations to create new ideas. These people will see how technology can empower them with a tool kit that’s more refined, efficient and fragile than ever before-and Facetune thinks there are still many opportunities left in this field!

“With that being said, we believe we are in a very rare position to start a technological revolution.”