GAS: Active social network is more popular than Tik Tok

Social networking apps geared towards users asking positive questions about classmates and encouraging compliments are becoming a phenomenon among American teenagers.

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Data.AI's new social media platform, Gas has captured over 500K US users since it first launched in late August and is now one of America’s most downloaded apps-surpassing many popular tools such as TikTok or Facebook!

Gas launched in August and, according to the Wall Street Journal, is the most downloaded social media app in the App Store. More impressive when the application is only downloaded in 12 states of the US. On the website, the application said it will increase server capacity to meet the skyrocketing demand of users.

According to Gizmodo, Gas is an application aimed at teenagers. Unlike other recently emerged social networks like TikTok, Gas focuses on developing a more positive environment and towards complimenting each other.

Essentially, Gas allows users to anonymously answer many questions about people at school and vote for rankings such as "the most beautiful person you've ever met" or "the classmate who was never afraid." Have trouble".

Especially when signing up for Gas, users can choose their high school to create a friend list that includes only classmates. Gas asserts location data to be used only once when a user registers. Co-founder Nikita Bier told the Wall Street Journal that the data isn't even stored on the platform's servers.

5 years ago, there was also a similar name Gas as TBH for teenagers complimenting each other. The app quickly topped the App Store charts and attracted millions of high school kid users. Less than 3 months after its launch, Facebook acquired TBH and shut it down shortly after.