Heineken Silver launches "Swimming on Beer" sneaker in collaboration with "Witch" The Shoe Surgeon

By Admin

Heineken® and world-renowned sneaker creator Dominic Ciambrone, 'The Shoe Surgeon' have come together to create a lightweight and bold limited edition sneaker.

Launched in many markets around the world, this collaborative project celebrates the Heineken® Silver product line, with the message of “Lightweight yet bold”, the right choice to enjoy on any occasion. In this special collaboration, Heineken® has put all its trust in The Shoe Surgeon's creative and design thinking, resulting in a unique, distinctive sneaker that allows consumers to repeat themselves. First chance to walk on beer, enjoy the soothing experience from Heineken® Silver.

Creating unique pieces while still in high school, The Shoe Surgeon has released super sneakers created for celebrities such as basketball player LeBron James, DJ Khaled and rapper Drake. He is a true sneakerhead, known for his technique of tearing down the original structure and transforming ordinary shoes into desirable luxury versions.

Ciabrone's creation, "Heinekicks", is the first shoe that allows you to walk on beer, with a unique beer-filled sole, providing a lightness to your walk and reminiscent of the distinctive flavors of Heineken® beer. Silver. The beer element is included in the design to bring a message about the lifestyle of the modern young generation, who are always looking for ways to escape from stressful situations and find trendy fun with relatives, friends. These unique shoes also have a secret beer opener inside, allowing consumers to pop the lid and enjoy Heineken® Silver whenever they want.