If toys had life

With the desire to change people's perception of child abuse, Fundación Relaciones Sanas has teamed up with Verbo, Panama to launch the "If The Room Could Talk" campaign. 

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Although it is a common practice for parents to use physical discipline in many instances, and children are often hit by people outside their family. They believe that these actions don't have any relation with them which leads some kids into dangerous behaviors such as Bullying others or even tried kill themselves because they were frustrated from all this abuse they received at home

In the series of images from the "If The Room Could Talk" campaign, the room is filled with toys such as balls, dolls, teddy bears, ... We are the companions of children throughout the ages of childhood, but now have to witness the abuse of users with their own eyes.

Thereby, Fundación Relaciones Sanas sent a message: "If the room could talk, you would understand why you should not be indifferent to these actions"!