Oreo: A new flavor to "push sales" of the traditional taste, marketing to catch the top trend

The delicious, creamy texture of an Oreo is the perfect treat to satisfy your craving for something sweet.

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From Oreo's product catalog, users can recognize many "strange" products: Oreo lemon tea, Oreo fried chicken wings, Oreo Mustard, Oreo Banana, Oreo Corn…

Most of the special Oreo flavors will be launched for a specific country, such as the Green Tea Oreo to be launched in China, the Coconut Oreo to be launched in Indonesia, and the Japan-specific Wasabi Mustard Oreo.

Several Oreo flavors are also being released within certain timeframes, following a trend that is emerging in the market.

Game of Thrones Oreo Edition

Such as the version of Game of Thrones to celebrate the final season of the hit series on HBO, or the Batman version to promote with the newly released blockbuster.

The trailer above may leave many people wondering why Oreo became one of the most popular brands worldwide with only one product category, and why the "a century" old brand did not. Constantly releasing "strange" flavors, leaving loyal users confused?

Oreo and Flywheel Effect

The flywheel is a device invented by James Watt - the father of the steam engine, this device has the ability to store rotational energy, helping the machine continue to operate even though the power supply may be interrupted. When the user applies force to the flywheel, it will start to spin and spin faster as it receives more force.

The Flywheel effect is a concept in the book From Good to Great, specifically about the process of building a great brand, without a program of turning points, ecstatic decisions or moments. What miracles can bring immediate lasting success?

Instead, the process of reaching greatness is like constantly pushing a giant and heavy flywheel, having to push one round at a time to create breakthrough momentum and gradually go further.

The Flywheel effects

Therefore, Oreo's flywheel is "warmed" with cross-promotions and products with "strange" flavors are constantly being released.

Nielsen's 2020 revenue report proves the above statement, in a year of many events and events, Oreo has launched a lot of new flavors and quickly brought in more than 12% of "strange flavors" sales compared to the same period last year, but at the same time, sales of the "Oreo Classic" version increased by more than 22%.

According to Justin Parnell, Chief Operating Officer of Oreo: "The exotic flavors have pushed consumers back to the 'classic' flavor they love the most, even though it's been on the market for 108 years. In other words, the new flavor is supposed to advertise the original flavor."

With a smart marketing strategy and a persistent "flywheel", Oreo always keeps users excited and anxious about upcoming products.

Oreo's novel marketing strategy

Despite possessing a sustainable operating strategy, Oreo gives itself a somewhat "joy" and "playful" marketing color. Oreo's media room is extremely active on Instagram with over 3 million followers and Twitter with over 1 million.

Through the above social networks, Oreo continuously amazes users with great creativity. The brand actively interacts with other leading brands, and closely follows world events to deliver a program filled with the playful nature of Oreo.

For example, in 2020, when NASA warned of an asteroid that was likely to hit the Earth, Oreo quickly built a concrete "apocalyptic bunker" in Norway, to protect the iconic Oreo cookies symbols and their formulas.

This event quickly turned this into a hot "check-in" point and Oreo was discussed by the world's media completely free of charge.

Users check-in in front of the anti-apocalyptic cellar to keep the Oreo cookie recipe

Oreo is also very responsive in partnering with brands in the market, such as the show with Supreme in 2020.

Consumers couldn't contain their excitement and pre-ordered the product for $10,000 on Ebay.

Oreo Supreme Edition

Even in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, Oreo kept its marketing essence and launched two programs that were enthusiastically received by users: #AtHomewithOreo and #MakeWayforPlay.

Through the campaign, Oreo encouraged users to embrace the "new normal", reassuring the world that the joy and Oreo were still there, unaffected by the chaotic world out there.

Program #AtHomewithOreo

Oreo in India went even further when launching the #SayitWithOreo campaign to touch the hearts of users. The program is led by the famous father-son duo - MS Dhoni and Ziva, which continuously deliver messages that encourage families to spend time together, prioritizing relationships between family members.

Program #SayitWithOreo

On the other hand, Oreo has established Oreo Academy in Spain with professional bakers, the academy's website has achieved 1.6 million visits, helping to increase sales by 35%.

Oreo, Oreo everywhere

Oreo leveraged its parent Group's distribution network - Mondelez International to reach customers around the globe. From there, Oreo is easily available in retail stores, supermarkets, airports, coffee shops and local grocery stores.

Although Oreo has a global presence, the brand has a proactive pricing strategy that adapts to different markets according to demographics, such as in India and China; Oreo will limit price changes due to the price-sensitive nature of consumers, ensuring Oreo remains the top choice for years to come.