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Standard Samsung refrigerator fresh and original taste, far beyond the usual values

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A TVC promoting a refrigerator is told by farmers - experts in the "freshness" of food, this is the first product on the market.

Through the impressive stories of farmers, Samsung has partnered with Creative Agency Dentsu Redder to launch a TVC series that showcases the breakthrough food storage technology of refrigerators. Through the campaign, Samsung and its partners want to emphasize the appreciation of technology with the efforts of farmers, so that all ingredients reach everyone with their original fresh taste, and at the same time portray the image of technology. Trusted by farmers who work hard to grow food.

The secret to keeping fresh from the Silver Waterfall Salmon King

Silver Waterfall Salmon King - Mr. Tran Chung Hung chooses Samsung Refrigerator Optimal Fresh Zone with standard -1 °C so that the salmon always reaches customers without freezing, the meat is bright red, orange, and evenly bright grease. Successfully raising a batch of fish takes a lot of work, Thac Bac Salmon King thinks every preparation is worth it.

Hana Ban Me, a farmer, wants to keep the fruits and vegetables that have worked hard to harvest and still taste as fresh when they reach customers as when they were just harvested. Therefore, Hana trusts to choose Samsung Refrigerator 2 Independent indoor unit Twin Cooling Plus to help vegetables stay fresh for 2 times longer, keeping all the efforts of cultivation.

Different choice of agent

Instead of choosing influencers in the field of art… to attract the attention of consumers, Samsung chooses representatives who are well known for their industry knowledge of freshness – the ones Farmers work hard to create and interact with the freshest form of food. This bold move helps Samsung win the hearts of users, while accurately conveying the message of keeping the original fresh taste from the people who really create that "freshness"

Choose a farmer to convey the message of “standard fresh, original taste”

Creative about the journey to keep the original freshness

For a long time, “keep food fresh” or “fresh” has always been the most important driving force of the refrigerator industry. However, over the years, no brand has made a difference when the ads often fall into the rut of exaggerating product features. By letting the farmer tell the story, Samsung doesn't try to position its fresh technology in a flashy, far-fetched way, but rather focuses on demonstrating its quality of keeping "fresh" as it is – original freshness. . As no freshness can surpass the original freshness when the farmer sends it to the user, there is no better keeping technology than appreciating the farmer's hard work.

TVC re-emphasizes the most important role of refrigerators to support farmers to bring the most original freshness to users by telling an emotional story with the farmer as the main character, combined with the majestic natural background. Simple but very meaningful.

Product introduction with impressive angle, unique layout

Samsung's TVC has escaped the familiar position of the kitchen, going beyond the usual use of the refrigerator as well as the usual advertising space of the industry with a magnificent natural background.

For the first time, the refrigerator is humbly placed in the middle of nature, where farmers cultivate the original delicious taste, evoking a real "fresh" feeling from the clear waterfall - where the salmon grows fragrant from the dew-drenched farm - where fruits and vegetables are cared for in four seasons. Despite appearing in a central position, Samsung refrigerators still only occupy a sufficient corner in a large space, all to put the whole focus on the word "FRESH", the principle that Samsung's refrigerator technology always cherishes.

Samsung continues to affirm the position of leading fresh-keeping technology of the best refrigerator brand for 3 consecutive years (Tech Awards organized by VnExpress, 2019 - 2021) with the latest TVC series to redefine the story of keeping refrigerators and freezers. Fresh food with original taste with reputable farmers. Let's look forward to many interesting activities to experience the spirit of "understand each ingredient - cherish the original taste with Farmer's secret" from Samsung in the near future!