Tide laundry solution for Doctor Strange

The movie "Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness" of Marvel Studios will be officially released by Walt Disney Studio, which has attracted attention with its attractive content and the presence of a cult cast.

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Seizing that attraction, Tide - America's number 1 laundry detergent brand has teamed up with agencies Saatchi & Saatchi, Marvel Studios, Bullitt Studios to launch an interesting TVC to advertise Tide PODS laundry.

With the name “Cloak vs. Tuna Melt", a TVC starring Benedict Wong - the actor who plays Wong in "Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness", plays a supreme sorcerer - who harnesses the power of the Tide PODS to make Remove stains from Doctor Strange's iconic cape.

The creative team built an interesting and humorous "personality" for the cape, as it "wasted" away after being soiled by Wong from a minced tuna burger. Then, along the way, the cloak "collected" his body from sugar dust to baking powder, ... Wong relentlessly chased it, to take it to clean before Doctor Strange returned.

The comical clash between Wong and the cape in TVC

In the end, Wong with the most optimal washing solution - convenient washing tablets Tide PODS successfully convinced the robe. At the end of TVC, Tide's Tide PODS product appeared with the line: "If you got to be sure, switch to Tide PODS"