With AI imaging technology, the photographer accurately reproduces his work

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Antti Karppinen, a photographer who uses Midjourney, uploads her amazing original photos. This is an AI image generation technology that by entering a text prompt that roughly describes his photo, the photographer asked it to recreate the photo he drew, and it produced amazing results.

"I've been playing with AI for almost a year and I'm starting to understand it even though the technology is moving at the speed of light," he said. I was very curious and decided to try using AI to recreate my own image.”

Decided to try using AI to recreate my own image

Karppinen is a photographer with many different styles. For his own projects, he shoots the kind of images that tell stories

“I have photographed many cosplayers and created fantasy images over the years. But mostly I do commercial images, compositing works, and then also teach all how to do this kind of imagery,” he explains.



How to make an AI photo

Example: Karppinen took a photo of her cosplay character Dolores from Westworld on TV.

When he uploaded the image to Midjounrney, John then typed in: “Dolores from Westworld holding a gun, canyon's background, sunset”. And the image synthesizer spat out a remarkably similar, photorealistic image.”


Karppinen says that technology is helping to transform text into images to make people and products look better.

Impact of AI on Photography

Karppinen believes that the potential of image compositors is huge. “Especially when it comes to more illustrations and illustrations,” Karppinen mused.


"I don't think photography is going to die or anything, AI will just be a single tool to use to make your vision a reality," he said.

“It is certainly a disruptive technology that will change everything, but we are still too early to see and understand the impact it will have on different industries. It's a blessing and a curse in one convenient package. "