Xbox: Life is Short's successful commercial thanks to its humorous, 'crazy' problem beyond imagination

By Admin

The advertising problem can be said that the more interesting the problem, the more serious it is, the more impressive the solution is. Xbox: Life is Short's ad has taken a very good approach in this direction

Xbox is a brand of video games created by Microsoft. The brand offers consoles, games, and streaming services. At the time of the launch of this ad, Xbox was competing with another popular home game franchise, PlayStation.

Life is Short attracts attention with its unique way of posing the problem. The scene at the beginning of the commercial is a woman giving birth to a baby boy. After coming out of the mother's womb, the boy immediately flew into the air, going through life stages such as childhood, adolescence, aging extremely quickly and finally plummeting to the grave. A tagline appeared right after that with the brand's message: 'Life is short, play more'.

After its launch, this ad quickly went viral. Microsoft has added a tracking code to the video to track the number of clip shares. The results were surprising, with a total of more than 1 million shares. This is a huge number, unprecedented in the advertising industry at that time.